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Do you have something unique, exclusive or of value for this year’s charity auction? Use the form below to donate a lot and support the Appeal.

Building on the success of 2020, we are hoping to put together another amazing selection of auction lots of auction lots for 2021. Each year, all lots are kindly donated by local people & businesses - a phenomenal achievement of which the whole island can be proud.

Find out what it means to four local businesses who support the Appeal, and why they urge others to do the same.

Raise money for a good cause

No matter how big or small, every penny raised from every lot goes to help make Christmas special the most disadvantaged and needy individuals and families in Jersey. So if you have an item or experience that would make an amazing lot, please support the Appeal and your local community by donating to this year's auction.*


Donating a lot is a chance to use your time and expertise to raise money for a good cause, and personally support your local community.


Donating a lot also helps to meet corporate social responsibility goals, so important in a small community.

Online and on Channel 103

The charity auction starts online on 25th November and culminates with the grand finale on Channel 103 on 5th December, so please donate your lot prior to 17th November to ensure it reaches the widest audience and therefore raises the most money possible!

Thank you.

* The Appeal will review the offer of all lots but may decline to accept depending on a number of factors including operational considerations. Lots that are accepted are only accepted in accordance with the JCA Terms & Conditions.

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