Who benefits?

The Jersey Christmas Appeal helps the most disadvantaged and needy individuals and families in Jersey at Christmas.

How many people are helped?

On average 1,500 individuals or families are helped each year.

The Appeal gives out approximately:

  • 1,250 food vouchers
  • 1,300 fuel vouchers
  • 1,000 young persons gift vouchers

How do people ask for help?

The appeal depends heavily on public and third sector agencies to refer people in severe need of assistance.

People in need fill out a simple form requesting assistance for Christmas. The forms are available from Approved Referring Agencies, as listed on the back of the application formClick here to download an application form.

The form is countersigned by the Approved Referring Agency and then checked by the Appeal in absolute confidence with government authorities where appropriate.

Example vouchers 

jca2017groceryvoucher18.jpg jca2017heatingvoucher18.jpg jca2017youngpersonsgiftvoucher18.jpg


Every penny goes to the people who need it most this Christmas.

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