Star Lot I - A 30 minute flight in a Spitfire

Strap into the aircraft, experience the Rolls-Royce Merlin start, and then - CHOCKS AWAY! - taxi out for pre-flight checks and take-off. This experience will see you flying in Spitfire TR9 of (formerly Boultbee Flight Academy) at Goodwood Aerodrome, a WWII Battle of Britain airfield. You'll be flown around the local area and out over the English Channel.

En route you'll enjoy the sight of the Spitfire's famous elliptical wing passing over England's green and pleasant land, and if you elected to try some aerobatics you'll marvel at the power, manoeuvrability and grace of this aircraft that is over 70 years old.

You will also have the opportunity to touch the controls and fly the aircraft yourself. SM520 will be your aircraft for this flight. Flight duration 30 minutes chock to chock.


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Winning Bid: £4501
A 30 minute flight in a Spitfire Image
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